Floating TV Unit Melbourne

In the decoration of a living room there are three elements that stand out from the rest: the floor, the sofa and the timber floating tv unit. Today we will talk about the latter and we will propose some tips and ideas for a practical and visually attractive TV furniture.

Timber floating tv unit has grown in importance over the years. The television, although they weigh many, has become the central element of the living room. 

Ideas for floating tv unit melbourne

For those who have small rooms the ideal is to go to extremes. Or a piece of floating tv unit melbourne that occupies the entire wall with the intention of being multifunctional and thus take advantage of space. Or small furniture, rather shelves, on which to put the television and other appliances to get a sense of spaciousness.

Framing the floating tv unit melbourne. It is the most widespread option as it allows the storage capacity of the furniture to be used to a greater extent. Some of our recommendations for this type of design is that you play with open and closed shelves, or that you do not frame the television completely, leaving one side free for some decorative element. It may also be interesting to use glass doors for this type of living room storage floating tv unit melbourne.

Television fixed to the wall and only one long horizontal piece of furniture. This is an option for minimalist style living rooms that want to give a feeling of spaciousness. It is a simple option where special attention must be paid to the combination of colours between the floor, the wall and the piece of custom tv unit melbourne, and where to achieve this sensation of spaciousness one must avoid placing excessive elements on the piece of furniture.

For those looking for minimalist environments there is the option of covering part of the wall. Normally a larger surface than that of the TV, and fix it here later. It is not technically a piece of furniture for television, although it is a way of decorating and hiding cables.

What if we still want a piece of custom tv unit melbourne?

Not everyone follows the same aesthetic criteria and/or trends, fortunately. And therefore, there are people who prefer to hide the custom tv unit melbourne. There are different options for this:

Hide them behind doors. It is a simpler and more practical way to hide the TV in a piece of furniture. It can be done with sliding or folding doors, or also with folding doors, preferably with a wide opening. We must be aware that when these doors are open a part of the furniture or wardrobe may be inaccessible.

Mechanical and electrical systems that allow the TV to be hidden. They are somewhat more sophisticated, but also more cumbersome and increase storage loss. In addition to the space where the television will be when we are watching it, the space where it will be hidden must be free. 


Ventilation. Electronic devices generate heat and if we want to keep them in good condition and extend their useful life we must ensure that they are not overheated. Avoid enclosing appliances in narrow drawers where air does not run.

Wiring. Not to conceal or to hide correctly the wiring can deteriorate, and much, the aesthetics of our room. Make sure that your new custom tv unit melbourne has grilles or slots for this purpose and look for channels of the same colour as the wall or the furniture, as the case may be, to hide the cables.

Television height. Do not choose a piece of timber floating tv unit for this purpose just because it is beautiful, it must also be comfortable. In this case, when talking about comfort we must pay attention, among other things, to the height of the television to avoid tiring the neck for no reason. The height of the TV cabinet must be such that we can watch it without tilting the neck. Therefore, the ideal height will depend on the size of the television, the height of the person and the height of the sofa.